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Our Services

We specialize in providing quality bookkeeping services to small local businesses. We understand the plight of the small business owner - not enough hours in the day.  Let us step in to lighten the load.  Abacus Business Solutions will work with your accountant to establish and maintain proper bookkeeping procedures.  We are able to provide your business with realtime information as to the financial health of your business to benefit your business's growth!

Bookkeeping Services

We offer small businesses in all lines of industry bookkeeping services to assist in prior bookkeeping clean up, consistent maintenance and custom reporting back to you.
The process is simple provide your invoices, deposit slips and bills to us. We'll enter your transactions, reconcile your accounts and set your bills up for payment!  Upon request, Abacus Business Solutions will provide your business with a custom report, including but not limited to, cash balances, account payables and receivables and status of debt obligations. 

Invoice Maintenance

We would like to welcome your business to a paperless society.  All of your invoices will be scanned into virtual folders, which are maintained and accessible at any time for your review.

Payroll Services

We will process your payroll for you on a weekly, semi-monthly or monthly schedule, based on your business needs.  Basic tax filing, sales tax, payroll withholding, unemployment insurance can be included.  

Bank Reconciliation

Let us worry about your bank balances.  We at Abacus recommend reconciling on a weekly basis to avoid costly bank fees.  This will also provide your business with the real time information you need for success!

Web Site Development and Maintenance

Abacus can work with your business to develop a successful web site.  If you already have a web site in place, let us help to fine tune it.  If general maintenance is all you need, let Abacus step in and assist.


Business Planning

With our combined business background and expertise, Abacus Business Solutions, can get your business on the right track.  Let us help to steer your business torwards greater financial success! Contact us today!

Contact our office today to learn more and about how to get started - 203-512-4861!